Distrust on the workshop floor can lead to unsafely. Distrust on Offshore locations can lead to disaster. Professionals in Offshore need to be able to rely on each other. Always. Trust is essential.

If that trust is eroded or non-existent something needs to be done. But you cannot simply order for trust.Communication issues, cultural differences and a lot more can stand in the way.

Consider Mediation. With managerial experience in Offshore and Infrastructure, I can offer help in solving disputes and restoring a mutual understanding, trust and respect.


A dispute between two offshore wind technicians undermines morale. Escalation is imminent. During mediation assumptions and interpretations which led to distrust and arguments surface. Investigating intentions and cultural (mis)perceptions lead to a better understanding and clear communication. Trust starts to rebuild.

  • Safety First
  • Cultural analysis
  • Mediations in English

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