Turning Around Conflict into Synergy

Legislative and collateral costs of legal disputes are – although often hidden – high. Going to court can bet he only option left. But i twill always come with a cost in terms of money, time and hampered business relations. And a third party – Judge or Arbitrator – imposing the solution, whether you like that solution or not.

Business mediation is on the rise, in society in general as well in construction. Parties resolve their conflict together, in a process led by a neutral third party: the mediator. Parties remain in control, within a time frame of several weeks for a fraction of what legal costs would be. And they maintain or even improve their relationships, within the supply chain. This contributes to the project at hand, and future projects as well. Because cooperation in the supply chain is needed more than ever before.
Being experienced at management level within Construction, Infrastructure and Energy I ask the right questions and lead an effective process to lead parties forging a satisfactory solution for both. Besides, I support collaborating organisations and teams in founding a solid trust base at the start of a project or collaboration. Based on the formal agreement a “psychological contract” is crafted between the people at key positions of a project or program. Aligned to the real and hard contractual framework

Also available: online mediaton by a video connection in a safe digital room.

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