One Size Does Not Fit All

As a (Project) Manager I take responsibility for realizing an entire project or programme or for putting a derailed project back on track. In delivering this, I build strong teams of professionals who build on each other’s expertise and enforce both the team and each other. I provide clear guidance and a solid base of trust.

I do not step away from conflicts. For consulting engineers (FIDIC e.g.) and employers, I facilitate the alignment between design and construct phases and related (contractual) discussions with the contractor(s). Contractors I support in building strong teams and managing projects in high-risk environments with demanding stakeholders. At the interface of organization, technology and contracts, the going can get tough, which is where I prefer to be. 

The most important value I add is establishing overview and bridging differences between underlying interests and parties involved.
And in realizing real win-win solutions.

Project Management
Interim Management
Programme Management