Aart is BarkInterim

Barkinterim is founded and owned by Aart Bark.
Aart is an experienced Business Mediator, Interim Manager and Project Director with 20+ years of experience.

  • An exploring generalist with a helicopter view.
  • Bridge-builder, even when emotions hit the roof. Does not take disputes personally, but remains empathic. 
  • Establishes trust and gets to the bottom of things.
  • Accessible, positively energetic, conveys calmness. Is at ease with ambiguity himself, provides direction and clarity to others.

Enjoys to go into uncharted territories, literally and figuratively to reach the destination. 

The Adventurer & Explorer

In the wilderness, nothing’s predictable. Nature and the elements are formidable forces to be reckoned with. Weather conditions can change unexpectedly. A planned route may be blocked or impassable. This demands resilience, improvisation and adaptability in the face of adversity.

“Traveling, learning cultures and trekking through nature inspire me to engage people in creating sustainable solutions.” 

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