Technical companies and multidisciplinary project and maintenance organisations can loose their grip on the course of events. Because they face steep growth, sudden downturns or other disruptions, such as disputes, transfer of management, project delays or a new radical strategie).
Where stable factors and familiar structures collapse and any coherency is hard to find, chaos and uncertainty dictate decision. Leading to high risks, costs and talent turnover.
I support these organisations to deal effectively and decisively with the dynamics of change, uncertainty and new opportunities.

…on Complexity & Conflicts

Going from complex to simple… It is possible if specialists of multiple areas of expertise and background collaborate and share knowledge. Based on mutual trust and respect. Theirs’ and other relevant stakeholders’ buy-in is essential for success.
My key strength is in creating stability, decisiveness and renewal.Especially in situations of conflict and change. By building strong, integrated teams of committed employees, and turning around disputes into teamwork and synergy.
By aligning processes and subject-matters with the professionals.
In brief: effective interaction, focused on people and results.

My roots are in technical projects and asset management: infrastructure, airports and offshore wind. I communicate effortlessly with both people in the board room and on the workshop floor.
I am available as a Manager, Mediator and Consultant.

Aart is BarkInterim

If you’re hesitant to pick up the phone right away, find out more about, management or mediation solutions and me, Aart Bark, the person behind BarkInterim. And then drop me a line!