All Shapes & Sizes

You’re looking for an interim or project manager. Chances are you’re a director or senior manager in a medium- to large-sized enterprise, or a company owner, looking to fill a complex line or project management vacancy.

Or perhaps you’re a private equity manager in need of a professional to turn around a recently acquired business in their portfolio.

And as you probably already know, ‘interim managers’ come in all shapes and sizes.

They range from gunslinging change managers, who ride roughshod through your company leaving a trail of ‘change’ and ‘restructuring’ in their wake, to the other extreme – to what I aspire to be as an ‘interim manager’.

Picture: My inspiration in civil engineering since I was young: the storm surge barrier in the Oosterschelde. An innovative solution for safety and environmental protection. And an example of excellent cooperations. Source:, Rijkswaterstaat.

The Right Match

So, how do you find the right match for your company? Management – interim or otherwise – is about people.

Ultimately, you’ll only know if we’re a match by meeting me in person and getting to know me.
Let’s talk and find out.

If you’re hesitant to pick up the phone right away, find out more about my approach, possible scenarios and me, Aart Bark – the person behind BarkInterim. And then drop me a line!